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Best and Worst Drinks for Thirsty Kids

Parents know that feeding kids healthy food is imperative, but the things they're drinking are also important. The best drinks for kids provide hydration and nutrition, while drinks offering high amounts of sugar and calories contain little or no nutritional value. Read on for an idea of the best and worst drinks for thirsty kids.


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Best: Water is undoubtedly one of the finest drinks for kids and adults alike. It provides much-needed hydration without adding any calories or sugar, and it helps keep the body healthy.




Best: Most kids also benefit from drinking milk every day. Milk is high in calcium and vitamin D and an important source of protein and other nutrients, all of which help growing bodies.




Best: Fruit and vegetable yogurt smoothies can be a terrific source of nutrients for children. When making these smoothies, pack in a healthy dose of green veggies to give your children a daily dose of vitamins and minerals they might otherwise be missing.


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Worst: One of the worst drinks for kids — and adults — is soda. Soda is packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners, and its empty calories offer no nutritional value.


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Worst: Sports drinks are also among the unhealthiest drinks for kids. These drinks are often very high in sugar, and they usually have added artificial flavors and colors, providing your kids with no nutrients and possibly triggering allergies.




Worst: Energy drinks are a poor choice, especially for thirsty children. In addition to sugar and sweeteners, they may contain high amounts of caffeine, which isn't good for children of any age.


Parents always want what's best for their children, which is why knowing the best and worst drinks for thirsty kids is so important. Once you've chosen your child's favorite healthy beverage, put it in a YEW Stuff POP Lights Water Bottle for an easy way to carry the drink on the go.

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